Stop Motion Workshop (11/18/17)

Stop Motion Collage Main

We turned our school into a mini theater and our Stop Motion workshop was a success thanks to all the students that came out. You guys are awesome!

FullSizeRender 4

We started off with Music Director Andrew, going over a powerpoint presentation that went over the basics of how stop motion works and what is needed to make it happen with clips and videos as examples in between. (Download it HERE!)

Next we had the students take turns adding a lego block each to spell out “CHMA” (Croton Harmon Music Academy) while we took the photos in order to link them all together to make a video clip. Here’s the end result below:

As any of the students who attended the workshop can probably tell you, there is much more to stop motion then just the animation. For the final project, we asked each of our students to provide one line for the script that we were going to write together. We then stepped into the music studio and recorded each of their voices saying the lines they came up with in order to add it to the short film based on their script and dialogue.

We are currently still working on the clip but it will be available soon – thank you for your patience! Join us in January for our next workshop on: *drumroll please* Percussion & Rhythm! 10 Djembes, awesome students, it’s going to be a fun time.