Thanks for your interest in Croton Harmon Music Academy! To start your registration process, please email:

Lesson Information

Enrollment Perks:

  • Free Elective Workshops. All students enrolled are eligible to participate in our weekend elective workshops, free of charge. These workshops are designed to help students explore new interests! Upcoming ones include: DIY Instrument Creation, Stop Motion Brick Filmmaking, Beatboxing 101, & more. Details coming soon!
  • Recitals. We will be holding recitals twice a year and welcome all students and families to participate! There are NO FEES for recitals.
  • Progress Recap. Parents (and students) will receive a monthly recap/review via email of how their child has been doing, what they’re currently working on, and what goals are set for the following month.
  • Monthly Newsletter. We will be sending out a monthly newsletter via email to keep you in the loop regarding student/teacher achievements, updates, promotions, raffles, events and more!

Payment Policy: Payments are due at the beginning of every month for the following month. The student or parent is paying to reserve studio space each month. For this reason, payment must be made in advance, REGARDLESS OF ATTENDANCE.

Payment Types: We accept cash, checks, credit and debit. To make things easier for you, and for us, we strongly encourage all of our students to sign up for auto-payment to prevent any disruptions in their lesson schedule.

Lesson Schedule/Holidays: Unlike other music schools, we DO NOT run on a semester schedule. When learning a new instrument/skill, the most important factor is consistency. That’s why we offer lessons year round, paid for on a month by month basis. Should the lesson fall on any of the dates listed below, there will be NO LESSON and TUITION WILL NOT BE CHARGED.

  • Thanksgiving,
  • Week between Christmas and New Years (check our calendar for more specific dates)
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day

Makeup Policy: 

  • Should the INSTRUCTOR cancel a lesson and we are not able to provide a substitute or one is not preferred, a make-up lesson will be offered, or a cancelled lesson will be honored as a credit towards the following month’s tuition. Students also have the option of attending a group makeup session held once a month. This makeup session is for 1 hour and is by sign up only.
  • Should the STUDENT cancel a lesson, no credits will be made. However, students are eligible and welcome to attend our group makeup session held once a month. This makeup session is for 1 hour and is by sign up only.

Cancellation Policy: Payments are made at the beginning of every month, for the following month. For those on automatic payment, please contact us to cancel at least 10 days before the end of your billing cycle in order to give us time to stop all charges. All other payment methods, please just let us know as soon as you can.