(Piano, Voice, Accompaniment, Composition)

Nick D. has been a music educator in the Hudson Valley for over 12 years. He believes that music must resonate well within the student in order to be fully learned and that we must enjoy not only the final product, but the process of learning itself. A graduate of Suny New Paltz’s composition program, Nick focuses on the building blocks that make music work. He has played and taught in styles as diverse as: Musical Theatre, Video Game/Film Music, Pop, Rap, and, of course, Classical. He strives to make music education both fun and long lasting. “No matter the genre, nearly everyone has an appreciation for music. Music can bring us back to our childhoods. It can teach us new things and give us new angles to view the world. It is a form of communication, allowing us to transcend language.”

Musician I would most like to eat dinner with: Nobuo Uematsu

Elevator Song: Awakening – Unleash the Archers

Music is…ephemeral art.