(Trumpet, Trombone, Piano, Guitar, Songwriting)

Eric is a New York City based jazz musician and composer, playing as a sideman and bandleader in many nationally and internationally touring groups. Eric graduated with his BM in Jazz studies from Purchase College Conservatory of Music, and continues to perform, educate, write, and produce music in many different styles.  “I believe when learning a new instrument the most important goal is to love what you’re doing. The best way to improve a skill is through curiosity and passion, and my job as a teacher is to help students find the thing they love about music.”

Musician I would most like to eat dinner with: It would have to be Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes. He’s my all time favorite songwriter and lyricist. I’d love to figure out what his process looks like. 

Elevator Song: Bad Sneakers by Steely Dan. I’ve probably been listening to that song since I was 5 and haven’t gotten tired of it yet! 

Music is…a way to make sense of all things. In the world of music all the unanswerable questions in life are answered.