(Front Desk Administrator)

Elisabeth brings a wealth of administrative and customer service experience to her role as Administrator at CHMA. Not to mention a deep-rooted passion for music! 

She first fell in love with singing as a small child, and credits The Beatles for teaching her to sing harmony. Since then, she has sung in school, church choirs, and several small combos. Elisabeth has been a wedding and funeral soloist, performed in musical theatre productions, and at many an open mic, coffee house, and piano bar. Her greatest joy is making music with family and friends of all ages…there’s not much she loves more than a good jam!

Elisabeth has been blessed to have had several highly skilled music teachers and coaches over the years, and knows how valuable their support and encouragement is. She is thrilled to be part of the CHMA team, and looks forward to helping support our students and teachers as they work (and have fun!) together to reach their musical goals.

Musician I would most like to eat dinner with: The musician I have long dreamt of having dinner with is band leader, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and musical director Paul Shaffer.  While I am a huge admirer of his extraordinary talent, I must confess that part of the appeal would be hearing the stories of his many experiences and collaborations over the years:  beginning with Stephen Schwartz and many of the Toronto Second City cast in the early ‘70s, onto Saturday Night Live and the Blues Brothers, and of course his work with David Letterman and countless other bands and artists.

Elevator Song: Rhapsody in Blue

Music is…the magic that can change your mood, change your mind, and even change your heart. We should never underestimate its powerful ability to heal us.