DATE: SUNDAY 12/12/2021
Session 1B: 3PM - 4PM
Session 2B: 430PM - 530PM (tentative)
Join Zoom Meeting: 
Meeting ID: 893 3822 3821
Passcode: 123456

Is the recital mandatory? (IN PERSON / VIRTUAL)
No. All of our recitals are by signup and the choice to perform is entirely up to the student and his/her family.

How long is the recital? (IN PERSON / VIRTUAL)
Barring any complications or technical difficulties, the recital should take about 1 hour. If you can, please stay for the full recital so that all of our students can have a great audience and not just those who go first.

What is the dress code? (IN PERSON / VIRTUAL)
There is no strict dress code but we encourage all our students to DRESS UP in something that will make them feel confident so they could shine like the stars they are for the performance / video recording.


How does the virtual recital work? (VIRTUAL)
* To limit sound/video quality issues, all participants will be required to submit a video for our virtual recital in place of performing live.
* We will then all log into ZOOM on the recital day/time as a school to stream all the videos LIVE together.
*ANY and ALL students who would like to submit a video for the recital are welcome, rather you just started the past couple months or have been taking lessons for awhile. Just talk to your teacher if you'd like to perform!
* After each student's clip is played, we will spotlight the student's video on ZOOM so that they can take their well deserved bow and receive live applause!
* We will have multiple sessions. 
* The recital should take about (1) hour.
* The link/meeting ID # to the ZOOM recital will be emailed. Please feel free to share with friends, family, grandparents - the more the merrier to celebrate our students hard work!


A couple words from CHMA on...

Now that the recital is finally here, we know that nerves may be in the air and that is totally NORMAL. However, we'd like to make a point to say that our recital, and any recital, should be about celebrating the student's hard work. Our goal is for them to walk away feeling as proud of themselves as we are of them, no matter what skill level they possess. We want each and every student who performs to know how grateful we are they decided to participate in our recital at all, and that all they have to do is try their best. Plus they're ALL already rockstars in our book anyways (it takes a lot of guts to go up there!)

Up until now, whenever our students play a piece during the lessons and they make a mistake, what we usually do is have them correct the mistake and learn from it. However, we need to make sure all of our students understand that although we always want them to play their songs correctly, the stage is NOT a place to make corrections. Once they get onstage if they do make a mistake, JUST KEEP GOING. Pauses are okay. Mistakes are okay. They happen to all of us! They important thing is to move past it, keep going, and finish your performance strong. Little known secret - most of the time no one will ever even know! And if they do so what? Maybe it was a dramatic pause. Maybe it was creative license. The important thing is that you push through, finish strong and take that bow at the end that you DESERVE for getting up there. That's all we, and anyone could ask for.
Now, let's have some fun!